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My aim is to inspire GP’s through my own experiences to take better care of ourselves, with better job plans, ensuring clinician wellbeing is one of the kingpins of Primary Care, and making time for our creative outlets.

Educational Experiences

Articles that contain learning points from various conferences and events I am fortunate enough to be able to attend as part of my fellowship

Wellbeing Pieces

Pieces I have written about the impact of my work on my life, and of practising resilience on my work

Creative Outlet

Ramblings about creativity, some poems and how encouraging creativity leads to innovative solutions to problems, and ultimately better doctors

  • Digitally Enhanced Relational Care

    25th Aug 2020 by

    You’ve all seen the headlines, ‘It’s the end of general Practice as we know it’! Is that such a bad thing? General Practice has been unfit for purpose for at least 20 years, GP’s have been leaving the profession in their droves, unable to do the job properly because of under-staffing and systems that don’t… Read more

  • Attitudes, social standing and equality

    29th Jun 2020 by

    80% of determinants of health are related to social standing, as a doctor this both terrifies and overwhelms me. That there is a difference in life expectancy depending on what side of town you live on in the UK in 2020 is astounding, and shows just how much impact these social determinants have on our… Read more

  • Ch Ch Ch Changes

    5th Jun 2020 by

    The number of changes we have implemented over the past few weeks in response to the coronavirus pandemic has been overwhelming. But some of them have been in the works for many years, it has just taken extraordinary circumstances to bring them to fruition and remove barriers.  It is important to ensure all this change… Read more

  • Balance and wellness

    3rd Jun 2020 by

    Primary care is, at its core, the crossover between the medical and the non-medical. It is filtering those aspects of life that are happening because of life, and those that are happening because of a disease. And that is not a dichotomy, the overlap between it all is huge. Quick fire decisions, that’s what is… Read more

  • Sharing is caring

    8th May 2020 by

    I’m happily surprised by my response to the current pandemic. I have struggled on and off with depression and anxiety since the age of 18, probably younger. I have been on and off antidepressants, through lots of different types of therapy, and the waves have come back on multiple occasions at different times in my… Read more

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